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January 3, 2013
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Just. Great.

My parents actually decided on what they thought was the best decision they ever made, next to being married to one another.  They so happily thought it would be nice to travel out of our dull little town and into one with more liveliness. Aside from the many friends I had to leave, I surprisingly couldn’t agree more with it…that is, if it wasn’t below freezing at the time.

We just so happened to plan our move in mid-December, where you can easily freeze almost every part of your body if you weren’t well protected. What was even better was having to live closer up north. It even started to snow right when we unloaded the boxes from the moving truck. It was a good thing we didn’t have as much furniture and only a few boxes to carry; otherwise we would have been up to our knees in the white stuff in close to an hour!

Although the weather was pretty intense, the usual calm snowfalls seemed to put my mind at ease. The warmness of my new home though didn’t give the impression of having a fresh new start at making friends. Sure everyone would have their doubts on the said matter, but eventually a few would come along and then most people would soon forget about the worrisome situation.

I just hope I have at least one person to help me throughout the whole school year.


Sighing slightly at the cold morning upon me, I pull my bag closer against my shivering form as I hastily walked to the bus stop. I shoved my pale hands, which had lost their color quickly, from the freezing temperature around me. My close-to-light jacket didn’t help at all either since I didn’t have enough time yesterday to buy something heavy to wear after the big move. Even though it was late autumn, I could already tell winter had decided to come earlier than I expected and shoved this season aside for next year.

I was still a bit nervous for my first day of being new to the school and tried to ease my worries as I gazed upon the freshly made blankets of snow that arrived during prior to the start of the day. I swiftly made a sharp turn around the corner of the intersecting streets and continued down the snow covered pathway to my destination.

The cleaning guys could’ve at least done a better job sweeping this stuff so I could see better at where I’m going… I swear I couldn’t even see the road at all with all of it still lying around! A few times I almost tripped on the curb due to the snow blinding my pathway. A low grumble erupted from my throat as I concentrated more on the trail ahead of me.

Suddenly, something firm had hit my front as I was still clumsily looking down towards the ground, but ascended my gaze to see what I had just collided with. I averted my (e/c) eyes only to meet with icy blues that almost seemed like ice daggers at first, ready to strike me down right then and there. Looking closer I could see that the being in front of me was not angered, but only a bit irritated and showed…concern?

“E-es tut mir Leid(1), I didn’t know you were walking towards me.” The tall man stammered apologetically, revealing the distress in his bright azure eyes.

He was sorry for not seeing me running into him? Well how can he be? This guy was huge compared to my tiny form! He could probably carry a shit ton of bricks and still not break a sweat! I shook my head seeing as I was losing my train of thought again, becoming oblivious to the regretful man that still stood in my path.

“It’ ok, I didn’t really see where I was going. All this snow distracted me from seeing what was actually in front of me the whole time.” I laughed slightly, a hand hovering over my nervous chortles, as I mentally slapped myself for acting all innocent to this guy. For all I know he could have been one of the dumb jocks that tired to flirt with every girl with the ‘perfect figure’, but something told me he wasn’t some mindless idiot. Before I could pass by him I had noticed what street I was currently on and which specific area I was supposed to be for the bus to arrive. I sighed in relief as I knew where I was.

The man raised a brow as to why I had still stood in his place until he noticed the school bag I still held rather close to my quivering form. “You’re new here, ja? I don’t think I’ve seen you at my school before. My name’s Ludwig by the way.” He asked with a fluent German accent, looking down at me with a cold, serious expression that could have shot any person down with fear and uneasiness. He brought out a hand for me to shake as I reached out to shake it gently, but with a good enough grip to show him slightly of my character.

I simply looked up at him with a small smile and nodded, chuckling with pursed lips at seeing the shade of pink across his face from the cold darken.  I could already tell mine was worse due to the lack of thick clothes I donned. “Yeah I’m the newbie. O-oh and the name’s ______.” He looked as if he was trying to force a smile, like he hasn’t curved his lips in such a way for ages. Or he just doesn’t show it as much to others in public.

I examined more of his features as I had enough of the time to, but didn’t want to stare at him too long to seem like a complete creeper in his much critical eyes. I’m usually a laid back person and the last thing I want to give is an impression of being ‘that stalker around the corner’.

His outfit was a hoodless, leather brown jacket that had just touched about the mid-range of his hips, along with a navy blue sweater neatly tucked under, seeing the hood pop out in the back. There was also a rather serious aura that would always follow him around. He could be easily taken for military instructor that always kept his men in line without a single soldier out of place, flawless in any and every aspect possible. The same went for his bright golden hair, not a single strand falling out and neatly slicked back to match his demeanor. His eyes were something different though, and would change from a raging blizzard to a serene snowfall in a matter of seconds.

 *The only thing I couldn’t get over was the awkward atmosphere at the moment, silence eating away at my past regrets of trying to say at least a single word. But no, the uncomforting feeling wanted to incase me at the point to where I would burst out with a shout of irritation, or maybe just a cry for help. Then it occurred again. The moment my mind shifted to ignoring my thoughts for lost words and the cold surroundings pulling me into realization with my shivering body.

I hadn’t understood the soundless person next to me had brought me to such warmth, with just having the thoughts of him wrapped in my uneasy mind. It was like he was a heater that radiated off soothing waves of bliss, in which I had so desperately needed his relaxing source for every moment to keep me off of winter’s edge. My eyes soon fluttered shut, wanting to escape the sight of the frozen tundra before me, and move to a more tranquil area.

I wanted to imagine a fireplace. The crackling of firewood would be heard in the distance as I waited eagerly for the radiating heat from the everlasting fire to hit against my cheeks that were flushed from the cold. Oh how I wished it could happen all so easily, how my mind plunged into the depths of my greedy thoughts expecting for the comforting feeling to welcome me with open arms. All I had received though was the slight breeze of the upcoming chilling winds, making me whimper quietly over the lies my thoughts had try to deceive me with.

All the while this was occurring; a certain German had continued to gaze at me silently, as my eyes were tightly closed in disbelief of the reassurance I had once sought for. His eyebrows only furrowed more as to seeing me quiver endlessly, which caused him to worriedly bite his lower lip. Something wasn’t right as he remembered the tightening feeling he once had when we shortly conversed just moments ago. Questions had loomed over him with much curiosity as to why he felt so odd around this new stranger. The word didn’t suit his needs though, seeing them as some unfamiliar person, as he felt something more compared with any other foreigner he’s ever encountered.

Then he noticed something.

I was shivering, and more spasmodic than I had expected.

A shock of realization jolted through the blonde’s mind the second he examined me more, and a pang of guilt rolled in right after.  He took in how thin my jacket was and how I kept my (h/c) locks laying neatly over flushed ears. My hands were tucked in the whole time due to the lack of protection I had around my numbing fingers, so I barely had anything to protect my shaky arms along with the rest of my upper body. His eyes widened as he even heard a slight chattering of teeth in the distance. It’s always been a bad habit for me ever since I felt winter’s touch, so I couldn’t help it.

My mind felt like an empty void now as I waited hopelessly for the bus, and almost shut down completely as I let go of my senses. It slowly slipped away inch by inch, the warm feeling I once longed for. There was still one thing running in my state of being, and that was the soft, white blankets that surrounded me. I could just let go of the world and fall into the supple pile that waited patiently to catch my weak form. Just as I gave into the satisfaction of having some sort of comfort that my dazed mind had wanted, I felt a force that caught me just as my knees buckled together.

At first I thought it was yielding snow to catch my fall, but this came all too soon as the force below me started to lift me up again. There was something different to this welcoming sensation though, as I could feel my senses coming back into realization once more. It was warm. A linger of something that was difficult to describe could also be caught by its distinctive smell. There was a trait of cologne that could easily be found, though the smell of pure leather was something that took me a bit longer to make out. Wait, leather…as in his jacket. That was the first thing that struck me when my eyes flew open with much haste.

As I whipped my head to where I had sought the tall man still was I was miserably mistaken to see no sign of him to where he once stood. Something stopped me in my tracks as I felt an extra weight around my shoulders, and slouched over until it stopped at my mid-thighs. Running my fingers over the slick material I could already tell that it was the German’s jacket, the only thing left is to where the donor was. I made a quick 180 to find something I would have never expected to be so close to me.

“Are you alright?” I almost fell back as to seeing Ludwig stand so close to me, even the words had caught me off guard a bit. He noticed this as my feet slipped back, and quickly wrapped an arm around to catch me from behind. He swore something under his breath, which sounded like German, before he brought me up and even closer to him with his one arm. Ok, now that we were inches apart from our faces touching, I knew it was the time where I would turn red all over, as I saw the same across his once serious face. Now it was just a sheepish grin that seemed overbearingly adorable on his features.

“I, um…yeah sure! Why wouldn’t I be?” A nervous chuckle erupted from my lips as he brought me back up to my feet…again. It really does seem like I can’t even stand when I’m next to this guy, but that’s just Jack Frost trying to play his old tricks again with all this damn snow. I was expecting to have the strong man release me buy now, but he only did the exact opposite as he snaked his other arm around me. I didn’t budge though and only looked up at him, eagerly waiting for his next move. Never have I felt this kind of comfort, and I would have gladly accepted it over the warm jacket that still hung snug around my body.

He looked down at me with his memorizing blue orbs and all I could do was marvel in their beauty. I was almost deceived as to thinking they were growing by each passing moment, but I had realized that we were moving closer and closer until I felt his lips brush against mine. My eyes lowered as I felt his hot breath mix with my own, until we finally closed the gap between us in an enticing kiss. The feel of his lips were soft and smooth, something that I would have never realized with such a rugged man and warmed my insides up to the brim.

I could feel my arms slip up around his neck, but knew the jacket he had given me would slip behind me with the way it hung loosely around my small shoulders. I could honestly care less about the piece of clothing. All I wanted was to stay in Ludwig’s arms, like being wrapped in a huge cozy blanket that would keep me warm until day ends. Once we broke for air I looked back up to him to see a warm smile grace his lips, as I soon felt one grow upon mine. Suddenly he pulled me closer into an embrace as his chin rested lightly on my shoulder.

“You really are her aren’t you?” He asked softly that made me cock my head to the side slightly. I only nodded to reassure his wondering curiosity and felt my body vibrate a bit when he started to chuckle softly. “Then I guess my bruder’s actually been right for once.” I seriously had no idea as to what he meant that time, but I just shrugged it off and lightheartedly patted his back. He went back to kiss my forehead which made me ten shades of red again before he bent down to pick up the fallen jacket.

“It’s still cold out so maybe you should-” Before he could finish I kindly took the leather coat that he held in front of me to offer, earning a small smile as I allowed him to help put the weighted material on me. I could have easily put it on myself but somehow I just couldn’t say no to the proposition. We both gave one another a friendly grin as we stood by the bus stop again, like nothing had ever happened.


We were having a small conversation about our families and whatnot and where I used to live along with the old friends I had to leave behind. He nodded sincerely as he wrapped his hand around mine, entwining our fingers that gave me a reassured smile. I already knew the school year was going to go perfectly, or close to what I expect it to be at the least, and I’d spend it with someone I would actually enjoy being with. Friends were a similar matter that came to me, but Ludwig was something that I exactly needed to keep my head held high with optimism.

I would soon meet his family along his obnoxious brother Gilbert, and come to make new friends that would surely put a smile on my face. The years would go on and we would graduate together, though he would be sent off to different colleges that would make me call him every day in hope of the time I would see him yet again. For now I would enjoy the simple times we would have together and cherish every, well almost every, moment that we would encounter.

“Huh, well whaddya know, more snow.” I spoke in a bit of humoristic tone, reaching out with my one free hand as the other was still enlaced with Ludwig’s. I couldn’t help but giggle when I saw the small snowflakes fall gently onto the German’s eyelashes, as he repeatedly tried to brush them away. It didn’t help as they came in larger amounts by the second as the white stuff falling everywhere by now. The bus had just arrived, finally, as I let out a sigh of relief with my doubts of it never coming at all. It surprised me as to Ludwig and I being the only two at this bus stop, but then again there weren’t as many houses around the area.

Once the bus driver had allowed us to walk onto the bus I held onto his hand a bit tighter before finding a seat for the both of us. I could hear “aww”s and “they’re so cute together” in the back, but I just rolled my eyes as they just thought of us as one of those adorable couples. Ludwig on the other hand had a bit of pink tinted across his face and I, of course, laughed at his expression which only earned a raised brow from the blonde who stared at me with much confusion. I could already tell that we were both going be having a year or two with this always on our backs, but hopefully they’ll stop sooner or later.  All I cared for really is finally finding the one trusted being that would share all my laughs and cries with for as long as I could hope for.
Requested by *FlamethrowingDingo
This was supposed to be finished during break but I seriously started getting to much into it. I mean, I /really/ hated how I used to organize my writings back then with a hardly any paragraph form. OTL
Crappy ending is very crappy. I only had a hard with just the last sentence though, and only let everything else pour out of my seasonal mind during the break. So if I missed anything please let me know, I always want to hear mistakes I've made now and then so I can learn over them. ;u;

I do not own Hetalia characters and only the story. (no stealing, I worked hard on this y'know =_= )

(1)Es tut mir leid - I'm sorry
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