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October 27, 2012
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Germany's POV

I loosened my bow tie that was hanged tightly around my neck, annoyed at how much it had constricted me. Slicking back my hair once in a while, I refocused my eyes back to where they had laid upon for the past few minutes, the center of the ballroom.

Yes, it seems that I've been invited to yet another one of Roderich's aristocratic parties. I never declined on his invitations he had always sent in those milky envelopes of his, I had never even had the notion to do so. In truth, I actually favor these upper-class meet-ups of his; in return they always seem to exorcise the stress I have throughout every world meeting.

"Ugh, West, I'm so boooooored. Can we just bail this lame party already? It's so unawesome!" Gilbert had pleaded as he approached me from the snack table. I decided on dragging him here as he did with me on all those other parties him, Francis, and Antonia had arranged. I also didn't want to seem that I would go by myself.

"Bruder why don't you go talk to Elizabeth instead of bothering me? I'm sure she's not busy with Roderich at the time." I peered over from where I sat to see Eliza leaning against one of the marble columns that held the very spacious ballroom. She let out a sigh while looking down at her drink in hand.

Gilbert turned around and noticed her loneliness, playing a sly smirk as he gazed at her form. "Well well, looks like there's a saddened frau that the awesome me should take care of right away!" He gave his signature laugh and before I knew it, the spot he was standing on was replaced by a small cloud dust that trailed to where Elizabeth was standing.

I rolled my eyes as I pulled onto the silky white gloves that Roderich had lent to me. The only downside to these parties was the clothes. Each person would always be informed of wearing formal attire, such as ball gowns or tuxedos. I let out a low groan as I kept feeling the smooth fabric tighten around my arms and chest.

'Maybe I shouldn't work out too much, but why would I give up that? I'd rather have Feli cling onto me other than these verdammt clothes...then I could actually have a say on not wanting the uncomfortable feeling.' My eyes were scanning the dance floor once again, sitting back on cheap pull-out chair lined up with the many others.

I was surprised he didn't purchase fancy furniture or tables to go with such a party like this.

That didn't seem to hold my interest when I suddenly caught the view of someone at the balcony. I wondered why they had the need to avoid the party and stay out in the dark of such a dreary night.

Knowing as to how nobody was expecting me or vice versa, I decided to let my curiosity take over for once and draw me towards the glass doors that led to the terrace.


Since there weren't many nations who had attended the social gathering tonight, it was easy for me to reach my destination that was between me and the seemingly long ballroom floor. As I drew closer to the looming doors I soon recognize the mysterious figure.

It was ______, otherwise, the country of (country name).

I raised a brow thinking as to why she would be out all alone. She always did seem to be quiet during the meetings and would hardly say a word to anybody. I can't blame her for all the wars that have been occurring around her country. Maybe she's just anxious from it all, or possibly...she's scared.

Grabbing one of the long curved handles, I turned it slowly as to not wanting to disturb the peace she seemed to be in at the moment. As I stepped out into the night, I held close to top of my suit as the bottom began to whip back from the breeze.

I closed the door leaving a quiet "click" that alerted ______'s ears immediately. She quickly whipped around to find out who had startled her, her (h/c) hair following suit as she had it down, making her seem magnificent for such a night.

"O-oh! Hello Germany." She said as she had a firm grip to the railing.

A light shade of pink appeared on her cheeks when she looked up at me. Her (e/c) eyes just looked so innocent it brought me to a standstill. I made a short grunt under my throat to gain my stature and not let her notice me staring back to what seemed like forever.

"Hallo ______, und bitte, you can call me by my human name, if you want. We're not at a world meeting so I don't mind."

"Ok then, Ludwig." She replied with that sweet smile of hers. I always had this soothing feeling in my chest whenever I saw her. Next to Italy, I'd have to say she was one of the kindest and nicest people I've ever met.


"Am I out here instead of inside where the real party is at?" She finished asking. My eyes widened slightly as her face flushed a bit from embarrassment.

Sometimes she always knew what somebody was about to say or do and that's what made her country's militia one of the best. Although she was a small nation, her skills with military tactics had given a great impression on me.

I simply nodded and she giggled a bit from my still astonished expression.

"Well, I just thought I needed a breather I guess. There's been a lot on my mind and I didn't want to stress over it." She said with a calm smile as she turned back to face the balcony rail.

I joined her as I leaned over the rail with my arms crossed over it. She did the same but had one arm supporting her head, letting out a tiresome sigh as she gazed down at the dull lake ahead.

"Hm, I see. If you don't mind me asking again, is it because of your country?" I was surprised to not see her finish my sentence like last time, but as I looked back to her, she appeared to be memorized by the dreary lake in front of us. Her eyes seemed to match the color of the lake...miserable and depressing.

"Yes, you're correct. My boss wants me to go to war with France and-"

I growled at hearing her say 'boss', but I didn't notice when she stopped right as I made the noise. I felt a bit ashamed and apologized, wanting her to continue.

"'s been a while since I've been in a serious battle and I've never really faced a significant country yet. I don't know how my men would stand up against such a large country like France. I-I'm just...frightened by even the thought of it." I could see her face grow a bit pale, and her hands shaking.

It's true that she had great military strength, but it wasn't anything near France's. I could feel my fists ball up and my brows furrow with distress. Why must her boss always act like this?

At first he was easy on ______ when she started managing her country. But as she progressed with many achievements at her side, he began to change. He started expecting her to make her men stronger than they already were and train nonstop, along with fighting larger enemies. She always had luck by her and could slip away from the large battles she was forced by her boss to fight in.

I wanted this to stop. Not a single excuse could make me walk away from this. I placed a hand on her shoulder and had her stand back up with me, making me the taller one again as I straightened my back.

Shaking my head, I placed my other hand on her other shoulder as we stood facing each other. She didn't stop gazing into my eyes or even dart them to the side, and neither did I.

"Look ______, your boss shouldn't be pushing you this much. You should go up to him und tell him what you actually think about all of this." Just as I told her this she looked down, with her (h/c) covering over the top of her face.

I could see her fists ball up and a pang of guilt hit me as I felt I was the one who had pushed her limits. She let out a low chuckle as she brought one of her balled up fists up against her face, and looked back up to me. A few tears were falling freely off her face, but she kept a small grin gracing her lips.

"_-_____ why are you crying? I'm sorry if I said that to you about your boss, I just don't want to see you-"

"Stop. It's not your fault Ludwig, and it's only a small amount of my boss's." She sniffled as she looked to where one of my hands was still on her shoulder, and placed her hand to it. I stood there confused with her reply. Does she want her boss the run over her all the time?

"It's true that I think my boss is not treating me right, but it's also because I want to become case my boss isn't there for support and I have to fend for myself."

"But you don't have to be alone frau, und especially not with your dummkopf of a boss. That's what allies are for. They help each other whenever possible und give one another support without brute force."

There seemed to be a spark in her eyes when she heard me say 'allies'. I don't think I've ever really seen her with a single country at her side, and I soon regretted for not knowing sooner. I took a deep breath as I felt my face continue to heat up.

"What I'm trying to say ______ is...would you like to form an alliance with me? I would be willing to give you all the support you need in any battle und train you und your men the proper way. I can't bear to see you like this anymore." I turned my face off to the side. I realized she probably wouldn't want to deal with the likes of me helping her.

"Ludwig...I-I don't know what to say but...yes. A million times yes, thank you Doitsu you're the best!" She wrapped her arms around my waist tightly, almost knocking me off my feet from being so surprised. I was speechless at first, but just wrapped my arms around her, ignoring the nickname that Feli would always call me.

There was no word to explain this moment; it was truly wonderful, finding another friend to be with. I'm not saying we weren't friends before but, something seems more from this than just friendship.

"Bitte, I just don't want to see you hurt in any of the major battles that are soon to come. I also admire your determination through everything, und the work you're willing to put towards it. ______, I've always grown to like you...but as I look back on it now, it's something more." I looked down and leaned in closer, our faces only a few inches from each other.

Was I really going to confess to her? It seemed too early, but I felt like I had to get this rising feeling out of my chest. She looked up with a comforting smile that made me feel no awkwardness at all from the situation.


"Liebe dich." She finished before placing a quick kiss to my lips, leaving behind with a triumphant smirk. It took me a while to realize what happened until I swept her down to give her a more passionate kiss. I wasn't going to let her leave with her being the victor.

We both pulled back and I brushed back the few strands of hair that fell across my face.
"I love you Ludwig. I've always had and I always will." She said as we let go of one another. A few moments passed by until a thought came to my head.

"Um, I think we should get back to the party, I think it's going to rain soon and I'm sure you don't want to get wet." I said as I rubbed the back of my neck.

She nodded and straightened her ball gown to make it look presentable. As she was doing this, I fixed the wrinkled parts of my tux and adjusted my tie as well.


As we opened the double doors to the ballroom, I halted her with a simple hand gesture. I bowed and reached out a hand to her. She looked confused for a second but soon realized what I was implying, and placed her small hand into mine.

We set out to the center of the large room, and began dancing to the rhythm of the current song that was playing.

Our fingers entwined together and she rested her head against my chest. I took in a sigh of contentment and leaned my head on top of hers, our bodies' still keeping tempo with the music.

I still go to Roderich's parties to this day, but now I have a partner to always accompany my side whenever I attend one. Also, I have an ally that I will always come to cherish and love.
Gott, what the hell did I write :iconheaddeskplz:
Honestly, in my opinion, I'm not really happy with this story because I started writing it last weekend and finished it today.(I was also depressed when I wrote the first half so...yeah)
Plus the plot line seems to familiar with one of my older stories wtf??:iconorzplz:
Whatever, I just got the idea when I saw this picture -> [link]

This was really supposed to make me feel better but guess didn't!!:icongermanyomgwtfplz:
I'm just gonna go back to my emo-corner and be forever alone again:icongermanyemocornerplz:

I dont own characters or picture:[link]
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